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Rollcall January 24 to February 7

Publié : 05 janv. 2020 03:50
par Beaching
We will be at Villa Iguana on the above mentioned dates. Just wondering which old friends and any new people will be around to meet? We have met so many great people in Cayo Largo.

Re: Rollcall January 24 to February 7

Publié : 08 janv. 2020 20:45
par Sunseeker
Hi Beaching,
I won't be there during that time, but I was hoping you might be able to give me the "low down" on the Iguana, and what you know about the other nearby hotels. I'll be travelling solo towards the end of February so any advice you could offer would be most appreciated. Wishing a great holiday, and hope to hear all about it upon your return!

Re: Rollcall January 24 to February 7

Publié : 09 janv. 2020 20:52
par Beaching
This will be our 4th year in a row to Iguana.

The beach can be hit and miss but because it's an adult only facility you have options. No beach equals free shuttle to some incredible beaches. If you prefer to stay on site tanning au natural is tolerated on balconies and terraces. Also, it appears that may be the case at the new pool.

The food the first year was the best we ever had in Cuba. I wish I could say the same for the second year but a substitute chef for the first part spoiled that. A worker said he ordered food for 150 even though there were 300 guests. The third year the food was good again but maybe not quite like the first year.

I always book a first level room and have not heard great things about the bungalows.

Of course, the staff is wonderful as well. Feel free to ask any other questions or pm me also.