Sol Cayo Largo. Dec 14-21, 2018

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Sol Cayo Largo. Dec 14-21, 2018

Message par scottalba » 02 janv. 2019 13:42

This was my 6th visit to Sol Cayo Largo, but after a hiatus of nearly 11 years.
There have been some changes but overall the place is much as I remember it.

The arrival and departure from and to Canada is somewhat chaotic now. Given the small size of the airport it has a hard time handling one international flight at a time but the new schedule has three large aircraft arriving and leaving within an hour of each other from Montreal(2) and Toronto(1).
Getting through customs, security and getting luggage is time consuming so take your patience with you. Leaving is just as chaotic as the check in line goes outside the building and down the sidewalk for a good distance. I don’t know what would have happened if it was raining. There was no room inside the departure area for any more people. Maybe the tour operators will take a look at this and stagger the arrivals and departures a bit more to resolve this issue.

Check-in at Sol was rather busy as well; the hotel had a separate check in for return guests that was longer than the regular check-in – always a good thing to see.

The Resort has matured beautifully and the grounds are very well maintained. The exterior of the buildings have had a lick of paint and look as nice as I remember, The interior of our room in building 38 (ocean view) was nice but dated, especially the bathroom but we didn’t have any issues with it at all. We had an abundance of hot water all week with the air conditioning and ceiling fan working well.

The buffet restaurant was great with the food quality being good for an isolated island. I always managed to eat my fill. The snack bar was also good and I ate there most lunch times as it had a good selection of food. The Ranchon at the beach had its issues. The service was slow and poor. I only tried to eat here twice but, because of the poor service, gave up and never went back. The food looked good but having to wait over 15 minutes both times for cutlery while my food became cold wasn’t ideal especially after having asked for cutlery several times.

The beach on the first few days was narrow but there was enough space to be able to find a comfortable spot. The palapa’s were in big demand and “secured” very early in the morning. I took my own tent and wasn’t affected by the palapa grabbing first thing in the morning. The tide was high with huge waves breaking on the beach eroding it pretty quickly over the week. By my last day the beach was non-existent from beyond Pelicano all the way through to Mal Tiempo. All of the sand had disappeared with only rock being exposed. The water was lapping under the beach bar and was in danger of washing the walkway away. The staff had taken proper action and had taken all the palapa’s down and moved them to the top of the hill to prevent any damage. Although the beach had disappeared I am sure that it shouldn’t take too much time to rebuild as it has in the past.

Now, I have been to Cayo Largo a few times and understand that the beaches are clothing optional and I have never had a problem with this before. This time was different. The CO beach at Pelicano has now been moved the Sol Side and was causing some issues with those that chose not to bare all.
There were groups of mature men more intent in exposing themselves rather than tanning themselves at the perimeter of both Sol and Pelicano CO beaches. I have no issue what so ever with nudity but it was getting quite extreme with some even wearing genital jewellery. Some ignored the CO beaches limits and were walking between the Pelicano and Sol along the family beach. Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of naturists on both beaches were respectful and enjoying the privilege of being able to do so. It was just a small number of men that just had to stand around in groups facing the family beaches that got a little creepy.
This could have been unique to the week I was there, but in the long run could affect other people’s enjoyment of being able to tan au naturel in such a beautiful environment.

The pool was as I remember it with a few changes, the pool liner is all crumpled up with creases running all over the pool, it didn’t impede of my enjoyment of it, it just felt strange some times when stepping down. The water was clean and refreshing and well maintained.
The central area that used to be used for massages has been redesigned and has a brand new hot tub and platform over looking both sides.
The bridge over the pool at the swim-up bar side has been removed, which adds a few minutes walk to get to the snack bar. The swim-up bar now no longer serves food at the bar – a good thing.

Over all I had a really great time at Sol Cayo Largo. This has always been my first choice of resort to recharge my batteries. It is perfect for rest and recuperation. It is small enough to meet many great people as I did. I would highly recommend it to those that are seeking the same. If you are looking for party central I would probably look at Varadero or the likes as this place is all about relaxation.

The only piece of advice is to watch the beach conditions before you go. Sol Cayo Largo is a beach destination and without a beach, although still a great place to go, it just isn’t the same. The Sol is still the superior resort on the whole island with service being above average for any Cuban resort.
I will certainly be returning, but wont be waiting 10 years to do so.

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Re: Sol Cayo Largo. Dec 14-21, 2018

Message par tiger80tr » 12 janv. 2019 09:22

Hier (11 janvier), départ d'air transat à 16h38, départ Sunwing à 16h37. Je ne peux pas croire que ces horaires vont demeurer tel quel. Hier le départ de Sunwing de Toronto a été retardé à 19h11 autrement ça fait 3 arrivée en même temps à Cayo largo ](*,)

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Re: Sol Cayo Largo. Dec 14-21, 2018

Message par road » 12 janv. 2019 11:59

effectivement ca nous a déjà arrivé de partir et mon coté compétition a sorti lorsque nous étions cote a cote et je me disait go go partons avant l,autre car arrivé deux en même temps a cette aéroport c,est un peu ridicule