Good for Singles?

Rencontrer des gens, un 5@7, excursion en catamaran, etc.
Meet people at destination, organise excursions, etc.
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Inscription : 29 déc. 2019 16:03

Good for Singles?

Message par Sunseeker »

Hi forum,
It's been a while since I've been here (just over 10 years!). I am thinking of visiting CL again in Feb/Mar 2020, but would like to know people's opinions about single travel to the area. I do plan to explore the nudist beach area, but don't want to be harassed in any way. Would also like to meet other singles or couples so that I don't have to dine alone.
Your thoughts would be very welcome.

P.S. Vous pourriez certainement m'ecriver en francais - je comprends tous - mais mon ecriture n'est pas bon! :)